STRIMON Valley, the most fertile land of Greece!
Since the ancient years, the STRIMONIADES nymphs offer it the richest presents, that the river - god STRIMON gives generously.
Nowadays, the STRIMON (trademark of NOSTOS INVEST S.A.) products are produced by modern automatic equipment (including electronic colour sorters etc.) under careful and strict control at the NOSTOS INVEST S.A. factory.
Computers of the latest technology control more than 1.500 points of production. In a hygienic and reliable installation the tomatoes are processed with care.

A complete chemical and microbiological laboratory supervises controls and records. Our HACCP system is fully operational and we are certified according to EN ISO 22000:2005.
(eurocert: 567/T)

 An additional central electronic system controls and monitors all factory (SCADA), correlates data from sensors, received tomatoes, produced packs and quality analysis, recording everything up to the issuing of the final packing list (barcoder). However, the greatest asset of NOSTOS INVEST S.A. is its crew, its people. They have more than 25 years of experience on tomatoes and they care for the products they produce.

As for the tomatoes themselves, all the process from spores to the final harvest is under the constant surveillance of our agriculturists.
Our tomatoes are the gifts of the river STRIMON for NOSTOS INVEST S.A.